Next committee meeting: Thursday 11 January 2017  7.00 pm, Masonic Hall

See also Committee meetings (past)

The Scarth Hall Management Committee consist of 11 Trustees:

Chairman – Morris Race (07881 248478)
Vice Chair – Ed Chicken (07841 674937)
Secretary – Michael Wylie
Treasurer – Karen Liddell

Hylene Bowman
Stephen Dodds
Becky Stamp
Susan Stamp
Shelagh Stewart
Reverend Ken Steventon
Sheila Wylie

Appointed members
St Mary’s Parish, Staindrop: Reverend Ken Steventon
Staindrop Parish Council: Ed Chicken

Ex-officio member
Lord Barnard

Project Group
This is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees, with its own Terms of Reference. The Project Group was set up to oversee the Scarth Hall refurbishment project and Lottery-funded organisational development work. The Project Group is in effect until Scarth Hall becomes a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Peter Barr
Hylene Bowman
Ed Chicken
Karen Liddell
Morris Race
Susan Stamp
Shelagh Stewart
Michael Wylie

Project Manager: Teresa Driscoll

Peter Barr
Wendi Blair
Val Cambridge
Jean Cashman
Adele Dickeson
Ray Hewitson
Emma Hignett
Enid Kidd
Sandra May
Pat McCalvey
Yvonne MacDonald
Margaret Mudd
Trudie Race
Elsie Rodham
Karen Thompson
David Tulloch
Lynn Wheldon
Marion Wickham
Wendy Wood
Lesley Wright