Standard booking conditions

Scarth Hall is used for many different purposes by a wide range of people. Please read and keep to the Booking Conditions so that we can all continue to enjoy affordable, clean and safe facilities.

Booking procedure: If you email or ‘phone we’ll send  you a Booking Form which you’ll need to complete, sign and return to us as part of the hire agreement. Payment is due 2 weeks before your event (at the latest) and the booking is not confirmed until full payment is received. It is important to be clear what you require – the hall is not staffed and last minute changes may not be possible. It may help to visit when an event such as the open mic is on to see how the hall ‘works’.

Induction: All Hall users should arrange an induction from a Scarth Hall representative to familiarise them with the relevant procedures, equipment, policies, evacuation and risk assessments if applicable.

Security/arriving and leaving for your booking: When you arrive, the Hall will be open and set up to meet the requirements agreed at the time of booking (certain groups may have an arrangement to set up themselves). A Scarth Hall representative will wait for you to arrive, and will be there at the end of your class or event to secure the building.

Please ensure that you vacate the Hall at the agreed end time of your hire period.

The Hall must never be left unlocked/unattended once opened – please contact the caretaker if you need to leave the building unexpectedly during your hire period (but note that the caretaker may not be in a position to make repeated visits to lock/unlock the Hall).

General points

  • All exits, and access routes to them, MUST be kept clear at all times.
  • The hirer may only use the room(s) and equipment agreed at the time of booking. Children are not allowed in the upstairs rooms unsupervised.
  • Hall hirers/event organisers should show proper consideration to nearby residents when leaving the Hall.
  •  A current portable appliance test (PAT) certificate is required for each piece of electrical equipment brought into the hall.
  • The hirer must exercise care when using the Hall and must treat the contents with respect, referring to the instructions in this document when needed. Any equipment used must be safely stored away at the end of your event.
  • Each room has a maximum capacity which must not be exceeded 
  • Hall users should treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times, and use the facilities at Scarth Hall in a spirit of mutual co-operation.

Breakages, damages, faults: It’s important that you report any breakages, damages, or faults promptly so that we can arrange to repair/replace etc.  Please telephone the caretaker, or email us if it’s non-urgent. The hirer is normally expected to pay for any breakages or damages caused by the hirer or their group/party.

Cleaning, rubbish and waste: All hirers are expected to leave Scarth Hall clean and tidy at the end of your hire period. If this does not happen you’ll be asked to pay cleaning charges and you are asked to agree to this at the time of booking (for function hire you can arrange to pay for cleaning services by advance arrangement). Do not leave any food, drink or rubbish in the kitchen, not even in the fridge.

If the Hall is not clean and tidy when you arrive for your booking, please report this to us immediately – call 07881 248478 or email Please take all rubbish home with you if possible.  If you’ve used the kitchen bins (with the exception of the paper recycling bin) please tie the bin liners closed at the end of your hire period.

If you’ve used the Joe Hodgson room or the Training room, please do not leave any food, drink, or waste of any kind in those rooms. Place these items directly in the outdoor wheelie bins or take them home with you.

Spills: If a minor spill occurs while you are using the Hall (eg a water bottle during a fitness class), mop it up with paper towels from the dispenser to the left of the kitchen sink. Put up a yellow warning board (in the kitchen cupboard) if necessary to ensure the safety of your group while the liquid is drying.

Stocks: We try to keep Scarth Hall well-stocked with supplies of consumables but do let us know if you spot anything which needs topping up. Contact the caretaker or email us.

Seated audiences for concerts etc: The following applies:

  • There must be a clearly defined aisle down the centre of the hall and to both sides of the hall.
  • There must be an aisle running parallel to the front of the stage.
  • These aisles must be kept clear at all times.  The hirer must be satisfied that these arrangements have been made before the function begins and are adhered to throughout the function.

Smoking: Smoking (including e-cigarettes/vaping) is not permitted anywhere in Scarth Memorial Hall.

Animals: No unauthorised animals are allowed in Scarth Hall.

Alcohol consumption at Scarth Hall:  a fully-licensed and staffed Bar can be provided for your event, supplying soft and alcoholic drinks at very reasonable prices. All alcohol consumed at the Hall must be provided via the Scarth Hall bar including wine and champagne for toasts, interval drinks etc – we will source and supply these to suit your requirements.

Licences: Scarth Hall is licensed for the sale and consumption of alcohol as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday, 12.00 noon till midnight
  • Friday and Saturday, 12.00 noon till 1.00 am

Scarth Hall has an “on and off” licence which allows customers to take home alcohol purchased on the premises.

PRS/PPL: The hall has a PRS/PPL licence which permits music.